Sunday, April 10, 2011

Halfway done...

Two and a half months down, two and a half more to go...
First round of exams over! And now there's some time off from school. I'll be honest, I'm going to miss it- the people, the teaching, the daily routine, I love it!

Nostalgic and melancholy already, and I still can't quite believe I'm here!

Life's like that, I told myself the other night. You get here, you get used to it, you love it, then you get out while the gettin's good. It's just a quick trip, but you wish it could last forever. And you also wish you could be home, in your nice warm bed.

And then when you're home, you want to be gone.

The grass is always greener growing on the other side.

Enjoy the now, enjoy the now, enjoy the now. There is something special in every moment (Dad you have taught me well!)

And right now, I'm still coming down from the high of maximal effort fitness testing after the mental exams. I learned the joys of the beep test, and discovered I can stay in plank position for 3 whole minutes (What would David Spurrior say?) Although it was Mary (the instructor) who got me through the last 30 seconds, coming over and telling me, "Come on Akemi, show those boys up!"

This is a fine demonstration of side plank. ;-)

This is when you're done with side plank!

The after-workout stretch.

Come Dulan, you can do it!

I love that stuff!

The next day we went swimming at Water World- a beautiful pool, lovely water, but just a little cold and windy.

There were tons of parrot-y type birds flying around, it was like Angry Birds in real life!

Today it rained a ton, it was like buckets full of water being thrown on the house. I was at school all day finishing up a project, half asleep and slowly...

I'm hoping to finish it up, get a good start on my paper, and then take off next week to actually see something of the rest of Australia!

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