Sunday, March 13, 2011

Time flies

Wow, I can't believe it's been a week and I haven't been posting. Things have gotten pretty busy here. The reading is piling up and distant due dates are starting to materialize out of the mist. As is the imminent vacation at the end of April! I started researching trip possibilities to finally see something else of Australia instead of just Adelaide!

Don't get me wrong, it's a nice little town. Quaint.

The houses all sport a fancy little trim, which gives them a lacy, New Orleans feel.

Except for our house, which looks something like an cement block.

And this is the street. Junction Lane. Sounds different than how it looks...

There are little things that have started to grow on me. For instance, the magpies... I finally found out the name of the bird that makes synthesizer noises.

There are lots of other really cool birds here though, including the black swans. I've never been one to be a birdwatcher, but here the birds are so exciting- it feels like you're in the aviary at the zoo!

The sunsets are pretty fantastic too, although I miss them almost every day bc I'm in some exercise class or other. I've been a regular at Zumba, and I've been to a couple of the Brasilian dance classes at Soul Capoeira. Phil has caught the capoeira bug and signed up for two classes a week...

One thing that I've found to be really cool here is all the cars that have snorkels! What a random, bizarre thing, but so normal for everybody here! Kind of like the drive-through liquor stores I guess.

BWS stands for Beer, Wine and Spirits.

I love that I can ride my bike everywhere! Everywhere except for the rock climbing gym that is. After Thursday, a few of us from class went down to the Garden of Unearthly Delights to have a couple drinks. It was much needed, this program is very intense, and it was nice to get to know people outside of the classroom. I think/hope it's going to be a regular thing- social support is very important for our biopsychosocial health!
Afterwards me, Silke and Marcus went to the climbing gym and monkeyed around a bit.

Today it's been quite warm, and tomorrow we might venture out to Womad, a multicultural music festival that happens in many countries around the world, and this weekend it's in Adelaide!

Addendum: Weather turned cold and windy... And price for Womad went up- $102 for one evening??? Silke and I opted to walk around and try the view from outside the fence, then went for a pizza- delicious, I might add!

This is part of the Fringe festival, which they are taking down today.

This is the local supermarket. The logo reminds me of the Simpsons somehow, it just seems like a cartoon logo.

This is me at school!

This is another building at school. What is going on in there?

Aaand, this is me and my Barbie hairdryer. Go ahead and laugh. It really works, what can I say.

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