Sunday, March 27, 2011

Here's to salsa, music and dancing, and enjoying life!

So, in coming to Adelaide, I was told many a time to be sure to enjoy myself, and not spend too much time studying.

By now I'm sure I've mentioned, over and over, how much time I spend at school, head crammed in the books. (And how much I love the bike ride in between!) But still, I'm really trying to structure my time so I can also ENJOY LIFE!

We were discussing this over drinks last week, myself and several classmates, about how these days there's a new kind of acronym to describe people, like yuppies (young urban professionals), or BINKs (Bilateral income, no kids): NETTELs... No Time To Enjoy Life. Bleh. How horrible. What is life for, if not to enjoy? Especially if you are lucky enough to be born into the world of comfort provided by so-called "First World" countries. Yes, it's important to work hard, but equally important to prioritize what else is important, and make time for those things, or else life keeps passing you by.

Like visiting friends, taking dance/music/capoeira classes **this is a personal blog, ;-)**! learning how to cook with the seasons, reading the newspaper.

I know, I'm very holistic, very hippie-esque, or homeopathic... But I think the key to life is to enjoy the now, because that is truly all you have.

Of course, I am the worst offender I can think of. Those who know me know that I spend hours agonizing over the slightest decisions. I weigh the pros and cons of every aspect. I become an expert on comparison shopping for any purchase I make. It gets to be ridiculous sometimes, and I get frustrated with myself. So I really try to focus on prioritizing and try not to waste time- but it's really an ongoing battle.

Anyways, this weekend was interesting in terms of productivity.

I got almost no schoolwork done. (There is a mini-Akemi inside my head running in circles and tearing her hair out, completely stressing over practical exams coming up in TWO WEEKS!!!)
But I did finish postponing my taxes and making the estimated payments (took me 5 hours to figure that one out. If anyone knows anyone who can help me figure it out when I get home, please shoot me an email!)
And we cleaned the fridge! That didn't take 5 hours but it really was a colossal job. I believe that fridge may not have been cleaned since it was brought to this house, however many years ago that was, probably in the 70s. Yuck!
So all in all, it was a productive weekend.
I just have to stay positive that I will end up studying everything I need to know and sticking it all in my head, just in time for the exams. I am POSITIVE I will be FINE!

And, we went to a salsa show! It was fantastic! I can't wait to take some salsa classes and go dancing, it looked like so much fun! I'd been a few times in the past, and when I lived in San Francisco I used to go quite a bit, but I want to start to put some effort into making dancing (of ANY sort) and MUSIC more a part of my life.

So here's some shots of us fooling around with the samba dancer headresses...

And here we are enjoying life some more- eating chocolate for dinner at the Chocolate Cafe!

And here I am, putting more music into my life! Last week there were some random pianos strewn about town.

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