Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Grandma is 90 on March 7th! Congratulations! Have a wonderful day!

Over here in Adelaide the weather has turned again, for the better... Beautiful, hot sunny weather! I managed to get my work out of the way early this morning and went this afternoon to check out the Garden of Unearthly Delights. It was allright... It's like a carnaval setting there are hot dogs and ice cream, and some rides that jump and spin. The main attractions were the performances taking place inside various tents. None of the acts were of any interest to us today so we passed on the shows, and just walked around in the heat and dust, which explains why I sort of got cranky halfway through. It was much nicer to ride the bikes home along the river. In fact, I really just sort of live for that ride by the river...

Hmm, another fun thing we did this weekend was to go rockclimbing outdoors with a few classmates... A beautiful location, a nice little hike in, and saw a koala by the side of the road- so exciting! It was like my first "real" Australian experience.

Ok, here are some pictures!

Here's the festival, people eating. The burgers were good!

Flying babies!

Ah, the peaceful ride home.


Black swans!

My bike! At the park next to the river.

My bike at Fat Chicken!

Hi Grandma! This was taken at where we went rock climbing outdoors.

This is where we go rock climbing indoors! And that's my friend Silke, from Austria.

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