Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Summer daze

It's been a bit of an adventure, moving in. A lot of time spent buying all the stuff it turned out we needed, like bed sheets and bowls, coffee mugs and water glasses. Moving in stuff. A sleeping bag, a mobile phone, forks and knives. Wine, gotta try that South Australian wine!
Lying here in sweltering heat, the room is a mess. Got Raul Campos bumping on the netbook speakers.
Making new friends.
Australia, USA, India, Taiwan, Singapore, Austria, Spain, Germany, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia.
I walk 15 minutes to the grocery market, it's called "Foodland" and it's right out of the Simpsons cartoon. Something about the logo...
There's a dollar store across the street, and a cash converters (like a pawn shop). There's a bunch of bikes for sale in front. A Greek bakery, a Greek church. We almost rented from a sweet old Greek couple, but it was a little too far...
There's a pizza place nearby, with a stone oven, and an Indian place next to that.
The downtown area is only a 10 minute bus ride and you could walk there if you really wanted.
There's a capoeira studio I'm going to check out, and I'm going to join the school fitness center, gotta stay sane :-}
It's a little pocket of an alternate life here, building new memories. I'm going to look back on this time with nostalgia! I can't wait!
But the present moment is calling me. I'm thinking about elbow articles I am going to finish tonight, and the shoulder lecture on palpation I am going to review... (It's important to think positively and speak affirmatively about the things you know you are going to do.)
And I'm also thinking, damn it's hot! I like living in the weather, as in, without the air conditioner... it makes me feel alive. But the effect is somnolent... I'd rather lie here like a slug instead of revving up the brain again, (in this heat!).
So I wrote this little update as a warmup.
I promise to start posting a photo a day, inspired by my friend Cookie...
Here, I'll write the captions.

Birds on a wire.

The black and white warbling synthesizer bird. What is this bird? It sounds unreal.

Me at school.

Ok, that's it for now.


Gary Congdon said...

Good to hear what you are up to Akemi. You mention an Indian restaurant nearby do you remember the meal we had in Tokyo? Looking forward to the photos (me being a camera nut!). Gary

Akemi the Great said...

Hi Gary! Of course I remember our Indian meal in Tokyo! It was raining, and it was just about two years ago now!
I am behind on photos until I catch up with studying, but I think I'll get a chance to get that started this weekend or hopefully sooner.
Say to Jane!