Monday, February 21, 2011

Steak burger

So, Australia is a fun place to be. It's in the southern hemisphere, where winter is summer, and summer is winter, except for this year, when it's supposed to be summer but it's windy, wet and cold when it's supposed to be in the 90's, hot and dry. It did get pretty stifling for a few days, but now it's looking like fall is going to come early this year.

What else, oh yeah, the water is supposed to go down the toilet in the other direction. Well, honestly I never really paid that much attention in the states, so I wouldn't even know the difference. Not to mention the toilet just kind of explodes water from one end to the other here, so I don't really see any spiraling anyways.

So, in talking about differences, here's a new one! (other than the typical ones like different accents and driving on the wrong side of the street- oh yeah, and teachers cussing during lecture! haha but this is a family blog.)

So today I ordered the happy hour special, a burger and a pint for $15. The guy was like, do you want a chicken burger or a steak burger? Um, a steak burger? How about a ham-burger? Or would that end up being pork? Whatever, I was starving. I went with steak. And boy was it delicious. But it wasn't a burger at all- I was expecting some type of ground meat. It was sliced up steak, complete with bacon! Well, I wasn't going to complain, it was just what I needed, and the pint wasn't so bad either. Interesting though, I guess it might have been called some kind of hoagie or steak sandwich, but here I am splitting hairs. It was food, and it was good, and I'll definitely go back there!

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