Saturday, February 26, 2011


Took a break from the studying and went out in Adelaide tonight! Wore heels and a dress, took the bus, went to see a comedy show. Ordered two beers each and hoped for the best.
Surprise surprise! Tommy Little, not just a pretty face! It was a good time, and we stopped by for $4 pizzas again on the way home, hooray for walking home! I had to take the heels off at a certain point and went barefoot, braving wild locusts and broken glass... In fact, the most horrible thing ever was sitting on the couch eating pizza and feeling some random crawling feelings, and ignoring it as one does, but then it really turned out to be a locust crawling on me...

Anyways, the best part about today was the BIKE! I went all the way to Para Hills (which was quite easy to get to, thanks to the train, which allows BIKES! onboard.) It was $50, including helmet, which I think was a very good deal. Almost new, very clean, just needed a bit of adjustment and a wipe with a dust rag. I'm so excited to bike to school on Monday.

The Fringe is a festival which brings a multitude of performing and visual artists to Adelaide, spicing up this quiet college/retirement town. It was nice to be out and about and walking around. I've only seen this one show so far, maybe tomorrow I'll make it out to the Garden of Unearthly Delights- that's a section of a park they've cordoned off and put up stages and ferris wheels and whatnot... There's also an outdoor stage set up nearby, with rather loud and enthusiastic amateur bands having a good old time. The show we saw was held in a large old house that I think had been abandoned in the middle of a deconstruction when Fringe producers saw the potential and put in a bid for a venue, but then ran out of incentive, so the place is rickety and dark, rife with locusts and no soundproofing... But then, such is the Fringe, I suppose!

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