Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another beautiful day in LA

Well, it's been about 10 weeks s/p R ankle fracture and ORIF placement.
So far so good!

It's been a nice transition back into the real world.

Staying at home all the time gave me a new appreciation for it, my home. I love it here! It's bright and sunny, it's quiet and private, I can lock everyone out and bounce off the walls, like Schrodinger's cat. Although I didn't go quite as crazy as I thought I would, I've emerged perhaps rather more sane than when I entered this state of being- as I was brought into the hospital thrashing mentally with the idea of what months of immobility and lost wages would be like. Although, my memory is probably glossing over the difficult bits, of which there were, a struggle of which I spoke of previously. It is important to know that we all struggle.

My family and friends have had a chance to step up and be there for me, and I really appreciate it. It was really nice to feel so loved and cared for. I know truly what it is like to need help, and now I know more of how to offer it and what to give.

Movement has gotten much easier now. The doctor said I would continue to see pretty dramatic improvement over the next couple of months, but probably another year until I don't have to think about it every day. My balance is back though, I can stand on one leg pretty well!

I still can't perform any side to side movement, and jumping's pretty much out of the equation right now as well. No dancing yet. (I tried it but decided the next day that I should wait a few weeks!) And physical therapy sure is painful. But I love the pain, makes me feel alive!

That's pretty much it, enjoying a beautiful day in LA!

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