Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Home again... for now! With New Year's Resolutions and everything!

It always surprises me (pleasant surprise!) to hear from people whom I rarely see and yet read my blog.

You know who you are! ;-)

So I've been inspired to keep writing. Because there is a void out there, one I am willing to contribute to, creating content for inner space.

Anyways, to update you all on my current events... I am rearranging things at home. Home, what an interesting concept. Home is where the heart is. I have so many hearts out here in Los Angeles. It is so wonderful to reconnect with you all. My friends = my family. And vice versa, including any and all fights, miscommunications, or temporary misgivings. And it's nice to be back among the familiar, the ones who know you, know your faults and foibles and who have been there for years...

But like I said, I am rearranging. Getting rid of the old to make way for the new. Change is inevitable, change is necessary. (I went through the closet, switched around the coffee table and the entertainment "center"... Got to get rid of all that stuff I keep but don't need!)

It's like a New Year's Resolution. Yes, that's what it is. I am going to look at the old way of doing things and try to find a new way to see them, to find new solutions for old problems, new ways that make impossible dreams more plausibly possible. I must admit, I came up with this theory while playing a video game app on my iphone *I love my iphone, yes I'm a mac!* Anyways, the app presents you with a problem and you have to find the solution. But you can get stuck in a rut trying to solve the problem in the same way every time. You can only pass the level by trying something new within the paradigm, bypassing perceived limitations and defying your natural instincts. Then all of a sudden the answer becomes clear! But only because you twisted your thinking around and challenged your assumptions.

Something else I have resolved to do is to try to maintain calmness and peace. No panic. Slow down. Stop trying to multi-task everything and make time to sit and relax. Enjoy the downtime. Efficiency is great but you gotta live life and let life happen. I love how time is that secret, savoury ingredient that deepens and mellows the flavour. (Note the use of the extra "u"!!!! hahahahhaha)

Oh! And I'm going to write about my workouts. Because that is the worst time offender of all for me. Characteristically I love to work out. But I can get a little obsessive with it all. Like freaking out if I can't get a workout in. Or trying to figure out how I can do two workouts in a day. Or staying for 2 hours to workout... (But I love the pain!) Oh right, the pain! It ain't right unless I'm sore all over, all the time! Capoeira, running, hiking, biking, rock climbing, lifting weights, core strengthening, roller blading, the list goes on.

Today I did good. I kept it under one hour, and did not do the core twisting movements with the free-cable machines that I think were what did my back in last time. But it was only because I didn't have time, because I was supposed to meet some people and I didn't want to be late. Otherwise, I could easily have found another exercise or two or three to continue with. But I did stretch when I was done, and I resolved to post some photos of my typical stretches that I do that help keep my back pain-free...

That'll be for next time. For now, I'm going to sign off and go enjoy the rest of the night!

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