Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fractured Fibula and Distorted Deltoid

So, next in my line of adventuring...

I broke my ankle!

A physio/physical therapist trades places with her patients.

I will be having surgery next week, and then, I'll have a metal plate installed!
Orthopedic surgery.
It's going to have a whole new meaning.

For now I'm lying here on my couch, foot elevated over my head.
For at least 5 more days, until the swelling goes down.

I'm all wooooozy!

And thanks be to god, I figured out a way to position my foot inside the splint so it's not cutting off circulation and making my toes all numb and cold. What a relief!!!!

And I'm working on spreading positive vibes. Positive vibration, ye-yah! It's going to Help me Heal. I'm going to drink lots of Water and eat Quality foods. I'm going to bask in the rays of friendly well wishers who have sprung from the depths to surround me with light, Thank You Friends!

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