Monday, August 10, 2009

Anacapa Island and... Inspiration Point!

So, I went on a camping trip last weekend-
It was one of those memorable times, when you meet people and have experiences that make you wish you never had to return to reality.
(Although, awesomely, reality really ISN"T so bad these days!!!)
But this was a trip that like a dream, settles in your memory like fine dust, tainting everything you do with a veil of giddy remembrances.
So what do I remember?
The boat out of Oxnard delayed 5 hours before we even left the dock... and subsequently getting to know my fellow campers over a pitcher before noon!
and then Laura falling in when we were loading the boat...
Climbing up the 150 stairs and quarter of a mile hike to the campground with two cases of 2.5 gallons of water and a cooler full of Tecate- (and some food)... Multiple times!
Accompanying my tent-mates as they carried out a midnight plan of water balloon ambushing complete with home made "3-man launching device."
Waking up at 5am to see the sunrise.
Waking up the next morning at 5am to squawking sea gulls tearing apart the trash bags and spreading trash all over the campsite!
Jumping off the cliff into the ICE-COLD FREEZING water. Woo hoo! Go adrenalin!
Never having to take a shower! Washing faces in melted ice cooler water! Squeezing into a clammy wetsuit! Spam for breakfast!

Dancing down the trail from Inspiration Point carrying my AWESOME little ipod player and rocking out to the best in classic funky 70's rock... (Plug: iMainGo- I LOVE it! This little thing definitely proved it's worth this weekend- it held up to the dance party ALLNITELONG!!!)

And- most inspiring of all- after turning my ipod to a most romantic and beautiful love song by Barry White (You're my first, my last, my everything)... looking up from the beautiful sunset to see Ben proposing to his girlfriend on one knee, ring in hand... Unbelievable to have been a part of such a special moment...

The rest of the weekend was just a blur- there were sea lions coming up to sniff our boat- we paddled through caves and even rode a mini-wave through the point (although nothing as exciting as the story Julian kept telling about how he was riding waves on the kayak LAST year ;-p

And then returning home, layered with dirt and salt...

Not having to fully unpack or put stuff away immediately- PRICELESS!!!!

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