Friday, January 9, 2009


A beautiful beach town, built up on the edges of sandstone cliffs.
Totally built for foreign tourists.
Great shopping!
Pri and I got the regular class train to get here- I thought we would have a chance to see the countryside through the open windows, interact with the locals... Well, basically the locals sat in our laps as we sweated it out in 90 degree weather, struggled with the steel "windows" and giggled and laughed because, well, there was just no other choice! And luckily we got a spot on the ladies car (after spending an uncomfortable 20 minutes standing at the end of a co-ed car, because we couldn't find our seats and didn't know which way on the train to go to find them...)
What else...
Dinner tonight to an Indian classical music band, they were excellent, and really got into their music- smiling passionately at each other, hands moving faster than lightening...
No philosophical musings tonight, I'm rushed, this place closes in 5 minutes!

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