Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy New Year in Xishuangbanna!

The Chinese invented fireworks.
And on the lunar new year they reclaim that title with wild abandon!
Even the foreigners were getting in on the action, getting stupid drunk and pointing firecracker sticks at each other.
We walked over to the bridge and watched the entire city go crazy- kind of like the fourth of July, but instead of there being a central place to watch the show, fireworks were coming from every house and street corner.
It was loud and chaotic, walking down the street, jumping out of the way when loud cracks exploded under your feet. I fell off a curb and sprained my ankle- not too bad, thank god! At midnight it rose in intensity, and you could see birds flying in clouds to get out of the city.
Happy New Year!

So I met up with Tanque to travel this next phase of my trip. He's an old friend from CBLA- it was nice to meet up with an old friend and catch up! He's living in China now, working in alternative energy development in Guiyang, Guizhou, where it was snowing last week. He's got a couple of days off to spend here in warm, tropical Xishuangbanna. Then I'll go back with him to his town for a couple of days, check out the scene up in the c-c-c-cold, and then head off of Hong Kong to meet up with the capoeira brasil folk over there. Then I leave on my Intrepid Travels tour group on Feb 8th.

Oh, and good news! Tanque says he'll help me with downloading pics from my camera- so I'll be able to add some visual excitement for y'all! I can't wait!

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Amazonas said...

Yeah, Pictures!! Can't wait. Please give a hug to Tanque for me and of course one for yourself. Happy travels!