Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year from Hyderabad!

I arrived in Hyderabad on 29th December, and was picked up and whisked away to my friend Pri's house in Panjagutta. Staying with her family has been so nice... I met Mom, Grandma, two of the four uncles, two cousins and a few aunties.
We ate delicious dosas, biryani rice, countless curries and spicy pickles.
New Years Eve was fun- we started out at the Telagu Film Awards, where we didn't understand anything and didn't know any of the actors- so we left and ended up at Hotel Kakatiya's dance party- Unlimited drinks and dancing for 1500 INR (about $30 US)...
Spending the rest of the time trying on saris and other dresses, the names of which escape me right now. There are an enormous variety of beautiful Indian dress types- full of glitter and glamour, that women here sport whenever they get the chance- mostly at weddings, which seems to be the big business around here. Pri's brother is getting married this year, so they were running around buying clothes and jewelry in preparation. I bought bindis (to put on the forehead) and tried on gold and diamond bangles(didn't buy any- I'll wait until I get a job first!)
We saw a movie last night, me, Pri, mom and Rani auntie- Shah Rukh Khan is always entertaining, even if the storyline is cheese beyond belief! The dancing was great of course, I love Bollywood!
Gotta keep this post short- preparing today to leave for Kerala tomorrow-
love you everyone!
Happy New Year!


Lilly said...

I would love to try some spices from your travels. We can cook up some yummie food when you get back! Keep forming those memories.

Anonymous said...

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