Monday, December 8, 2008


So I've found myself in a quiet cafe with a cappucino.
It's funny, how when traveling without a plan it is initially so nervewracking.
The sense of relief when things come together is so proportionately great! I hope the scheduling works out!
It looks like I will be leaving for Udaipur on Wednesday, then as follows:
Udaipur - Jodphur - Jaisalmer - Jaipur - Agra - Varanasi - Rishikesh - Delhi - Dubai - Hyderabad - Kerala - Sri Lanka - Hong Kong - China mainland...
Although things change by the hour...
Took the local train down to South Mumbai with Aarti this morning, a ladies only car. Everyone in saris except for me and Aarti. We had a conversation about arranged marriage. Her dad keeps trying to set her up, but she doesn't like anyone he chooses. She acknowledges that the time has come to start looking for someone to settle down with. She spoke of company, but also of responsibility and consideration. You have to share everything! and your decisions will not be yours alone to make. She is a very independent woman.
I read a sign at the train station. Didn't have time to photograph it, but it stuck with me as I ventured into South Mumbai- "Fearlessness is the key to spirituality".
So I wandered the streets, got lost, then found what I was looking for- ended up at the Gateway of India, with the Taj Hotel across the street, the burn marks coming from it's windows like shocking, shameful scars. It made me want to look away, then turn back and stare.
I met a friend for lunch, a fellow capoeirista who broke her pinky doing au last week. It was delicious!
After posting this, I will continue my wanderings...

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