Thursday, November 6, 2008


This day, this week, this year, is coming along just splendidly. 
I'm so excited that I couldn't focus yesterday- 
How incredible to watch the votes tally up. 
This is something that is personally validating.  He is someone that I identify with and can look up to with respect. (He is mixed race! He is introspective, and intellectual, thorough and conscientious.)
Even though he's got a long hard road ahead of him, I have full trust and belief in him. In a leadership position, you cannot please everyone. But I believe that he will make the right decisions. 
It was so inspiring that he was able to unite so many people from different walks of life- older people, younger people, all races, male, female, college-educated or not... He inspired the people with hope, inspired them to action, to register, and to vote. I hope that this success will inspire people to believe in themselves and inspire them to other action as well. I hope people will acknowledge their personal responsibility towards making this a better world. 
Sure, the economy is going downhill. We cannot consume the way we used to. Employers can't pay their employees, and people will lose jobs, and the cycle continues.  Somehow along the way the American dream became a showcase of the latest, newest, most expensive- and credit made it all possible. Somehow the sense of personal responsibility for one's finances became passe. Forget about winning the lottery, how about flipping a house? Was it just a question of a slick lender vs. ignorant homebuyer with visions of $$$ dancing in their heads? (Whatever happened to hard work? or smart work? or anything but foolish and risky behavior rewarded by instant gratification?!) My hope is that people will get smart, get responsible, learn how to weigh risk and make sacrifices, and make decisions and plans based on their real resources. Ha! We'll see...
The only thing we can control is ourselves.  It is all up to us on how we want to perceive our lives. I am happy with my life as it is now, but what makes it better is that I have the freedom to change the circumstances that I am in, if I have the guts to do it. I can go back to school after taking years off, I can travel the world, I can go out with my girlfriends for a night on the town, I can take an extra job to make extra cash, I can go for a run on the beach. I can have my own blog! I can vote! There are many people in this world in this day and age who cannot do these things. I am lucky to be an American. On the flip side, it could be said that I also have the freedom to remain ignorant, buy cars and dinners out on credit, take up two parking spaces with my SUV and take my poodle for a massage... And there are heartbreaking stories about people who would do it all if they could, but due to life circumstances they can't. I definitely support donating my tax dollars to support them, and now I feel much more comfortable knowing Obama is in office. 
I have HOPE! I know we can make this world a better place! Go People of the US! Go Barack! 

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Miss Dennis said...

"He is introspective, and intellectual, thorough and conscientious." I love that description! Those are four qualities I look for in friends and try to uphold myself. So glad our President Elect has these qualities! Hope you are having fun planning the big trip! -Christine (Miss Dennis)