Friday, November 14, 2008

Studying for the exam...

This is my life these days...
Going to the library every day...

Question Number: 169
A physical therapist strongly suspects a patient is intoxicated after arriving for his treatment session. When asked if he has been drinking, the patient indicates he consumed six or seven alcoholic beverages before driving to therapy. The therapist's MOST appropriate action is to:
1. continue to treat the patient, assuming he can remain inoffensive to other patients
2. modify the patient's present treatment program to minimize the effects of alcohol
3. contact a member of the patient's family to take the patient home
4. instruct the patient to leave the clinic

!!!The correct answer is 3.

And what I'd rather be doing is looking at these books...

On the whole, I'm really glad to have purpose to my life.
I'd rather be busy than bored.
It's good practice for self-discipline.

I need to collect some good books to bring with me- some historical fiction, or religulous background material on Asia... Any suggestions?

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