Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blog one for the trip

Well, I booked the ticket! Using my Delta skymiles accumulated over two years, it came to a grand total of $135.79... (70,000 skymiles)

I will be leaving Dec. 2nd to arrive in Mumbai on Dec 4th (Korean Airlines)

(I will find my own way from India to Hong Kong)

Leaving Beijing to arrive in Tokyo Mar 6th (Northwest)

Leaving Tokyo March 18th to arrive back in LA... (Korean Airlines)

And that's it!!!

It was surprisingly easy to book the ticket, and now I have begun the trip planning phase: staying up later than I should poring over guide books, emailing random friends of friends who've been to where I'm going (and being really excited when they actually email me back with TONS of info, thanks guys!), making lists of stuff I want to bring, going to REI and staring wistfully at all the fancy high-tec gear and realizing that I probably won't really need much that I don't already have, so no excuses for making extravagant but really cool necessary purchases!
Not to mention that studying for the board exams that I hope to take before Thanksgiving... (oh yeah, I will have to work when I get back!)

And overall just enjoying this exhilarating brief calm before the storm. 

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*KAYO* said...

Cool! Can't wait to follow your travels, relive some of India and hear about new and fun places... Wishing you a smooth experience!